Why should I purchase Travel Insurance?
There is an increased risk of incidents occurring when you are away from home. Moreover, the fact that you are in unknown surroundings makes the whole process much more difficult to deal with. Social Security as well as private companies provide limited coverage; there are many services that are not included such as medical repatriation, loss of luggage etc..

When should I purchase Olympic's Travel Insurance?
The insurance policy can be purchased at all times, even one day prior to departure, via our website.

Who can purchase Olympic's Travel Insurance?
Mondial Assistance insures persons traveling via Olympic Air.

How can I purchase Olympic's Travel Insurance?
Follow our website's easy steps.
Fill out your trip details, get your quote online, fill out the necessary fields and receive your policy via email in just a few seconds.

Are my personal details safe?
Yes. Your personal details are only used for processing purposes within the booking process and are never shared with third parties.

Who do I contact in case I have queries regarding my policy?
You can call our travel insurance support line on (+30) 210 9988100. We are at your disposal from Monday - Friday from 09.00 am to 17.00 pm.
Please note that even though we recommend that you take out insurance for your trip, we are unable to give you any advice on whether the product purchased is suitable for your needs.

When does the cover start and when does it end?
The Policy is valid for the dates you have chosen and confirmed on your travel insurance policy document. If you have chosen a one way trip, the policy is only valid for the first 24 hours.
All covers are activated once you've commenced your trip and expire once you have returned from your trip.

Are there any exclusions to the policy?
Yes. Some exclusions and conditions are specific to individual sections and general exclusions and conditions apply to the policy overall. Please read the policy wording carefully to ensure you have the cover you need.

What if I change my mind after buying the policy?
If the cover does not meet your requirements, please notify us within 14 days of the policy’s issue date for a refund of your premium, as long as you have not traveled or filed a claim.

What is the maximum trip length?
Olympic Air's travel insurance policy can be purchased for trips up to 31 days. If your trip exceeds 31 days please contact us so we may inform you if you can be covered.

What do I do in case of an incident?
In case of an incident, contact our call center immediately on: + 30 210 99 88 102 (24 hours a day , 365 days a year).